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Making the world sweeter, one treat at a time.

For many of us, our dietary restrictions aren’t a choice. We might struggle for years before identifying the problem only to discover that the foods we turn to as treats and luxuries are anything but. Bland. Heavy. Dry. Where’s the celebration in a cake that tastes like it’s made of sawdust? Why should we feel lucky that there’s ‘an option’ on a dessert menu when it’s always the same fruit salad with too much canteloup?

My name is Rosie; I’ve always had a passion for baking and that didn’t change when my diet did. I won’t stop developing a recipe when it produces something ‘acceptable’. I won’t stop until it gives me that giddy, happy ‘this is SO good!’ feeling when I eat it. And the desire to share that feeling is what brought me to starting this business. After all, why should any of us resign ourselves to life with less deliciousness?

Baking is half love, half science. It’s a line I love to walk. Baking ‘free from’ just seems to intensify both sides of that coin. I have a background in social sciences and an enthusiasm for research. The subjects of ‘fair trade’ and ‘eco friendly’ sit close to my heart and though I may be a team of one I always aim to stick with these ethics at every stage. Sweet treats should not cost our earth or anyone on it their dignity.

I believe that it is entirely possible to live deliciously with dietary restrictions while encouraging a better world.