Hot chocolate mix - Cookies & Cream

Hot chocolate mix - Cookies & Cream


Magpie's Secret Irish Cream flavour Hot Chocolate mix is a delicious powder to be swirled into hot milk or your favorite milk alternative.


Flavoured with natural flavouring and still vegan! 


Made with organic cacao and using sugar from a supplier that supports the Fairtrade initiative.

  • Gluten free 
  • Dairy free/vegan
  • No gums or thickeners
  • No artificial flavours
  • Eco friendly packaging


Each 325g bag contains about 20 portions.


How is it 'naturally flavoured' but still vegan when it's Cookies & Cream?
“Natural Flavouring” is used where the flavouring component is derived from natural sources, but where less than 95% is derived from the actual flavour name source. In this case it's derived from plant materials only.


  • Ingredients

    Sugar, organic cacao powder, salt, natural flavouring (natural flavouring substances, propylene glycol (E1520))


    May contain NUTS

  • What's propylene glycol (E1520)?

    In short, a plant sourced emulsifier and preservative.
    Propylene glycol is a food grade, clear, colourless, solvent. Most flavour ingredients are oil soluble and so do not disperse in water. Emulsifiers and carriers are used in flavours to disperse the oil soluble ingredients. Propylene glycol also acts as a preservative in flavours and many flavourings would not be completely stable without propylene glycol.
    The propylene glycol used in these flavourings meets the requirements of the purity criteria detailed in the European Council Directive 2000/63/EC for food additives.